This is the "read through the Bible" schedule for LVPC in 2017.
Bible Suite has an amazing array of Bible study resources including comparative translations, Atlas, concordance, Bible dictionary, commentaries, devotions, and even Hebrew & Greek grammatical analysis. This is the most powerful tool of its kind that I have found for free online!
Have some tough questions about the Christian faith? Here are some short videos that address 9 of the most common questions asked about Christianity. They won't answer all your questions, but these videos will point you in the right direction for continued study.
Christianity Explored is a ten-week course to discover who Jesus is, why He came, and what it means to follow Him.
We are here to participate in the city-wide transformation of Chattanooga by modeling, resourcing, and equipping the Body of Christ for sustained and unified prayer, worship, and outreach.
As a broadly Reformed network of churches, The Gospel Coalition encourages and educates current and next-generation Christian leaders by advocating gospel-centered principles and practices that glorify the Savior and do good to those for whom he shed his life’s blood. A biblically grounded and united mission is the only enduring future for the church. We desire to champion the gospel of Jesus Christ with clarity, compassion, courage, and joy – gladly linking hearts with fellow believers across denominational, ethnic, and class lines. We invite all Christians to join us in an effort to renew the contemporary church in the ancient gospel of Christ so that we truly speak and live for him in a way that clearly communicates to our age.
Comprehensive Christian counseling and assessment services, on McCallie Avenue here in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Publishing company for Christianity Explored materials and other great Bible study, devotional, and outreach materials. LVPC especially endorses the quarterly Bible study / devotional guide "Explore."
Daily devotions by the "prince of preachers," C.H. Spurgeon
Follow this link for a wonderful daily devotional by the classic devotional writer Oswald Chambers.
Wednesday words is Leigh McLeroy's weekly e-newsletter reflection on her world an unapologetic attempt to use the events of daily life to show the beauty and truth of the gospel. In 500 words or so (short enough to be read over a cup of morning coffee!) Wednesday words prods, inspires, teaches and encourages. Click here to sign up to receive Wednesday Words delivered to your email inbox.
The Westminster Confession of Faith is the doctrinal standard of the Presbyterian & Reformed faith.
Looking to purchase a new Bible, or searching for other good Christian literature? This is a great source.
The great Welsh preacher of Westminster Chapel is Pastor Davidson's favorite preacher of the last 100 years. Drop in on this site and see if you don't agree that David Martyn Lloyd-Jones is one of the finest Reformed preachers you have ever heard!
Great resources from John Piper, a contemporary pastor with a keen mind for theology and a big heart for application of biblical truth.
A premier site for discussion of Reformed theology.
A website which defines itself as "a group of Christians who experience same-sex attraction" in which they share their stories, answer questions, and recommend resources regarding Christianity and same-sex attraction.
This is one of Rev. Davidson's favorite videos of the late Dr. Orr. Hopefully, this 26 minute video will encourage you to join LVPC in praying for the Lord to send revival!
The Voice of the Martyrs gives "a global perspective on the persecution of God's Children." Remember: the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is always the 1st Sunday in November.
Investment in education provides the greatest rate of return of any social investment in rural Africa. Raise the Roof builds and supplies teachers for schools in Africa. LVPC has worked in cooperation with RTR in a number of ways, including church members providing sponsorship for children to attend school in Uganda.
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